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Fun. I like it.

Quick pace, good controls. Nice interface. Probably going to buy the full version. The only con: vibrates when you make a non-word.

Only 2 Levels?...Seriously?

On the free version u get what u pay for & it's not interesting enuf to pay for the full version. 

Not recommended.

I can't stay interested for more than 30 seconds.

Would buy the full version if it had these improvements...

I've been playing this game endlessly, and enjoying it. The interface is attractive , and I love that I can turn the timer off and go for really long words. But I do find these things annoying: - needs a delete +/or backspace key - needs an "end game" button for when you run out of words you can make - I wish it had a "best word" list, like Wordpop does, with the number of points earned for each word. This would be way more useful and interesting to me than statistics like number of words made, number of tiles used, average points per game, etc.

A bit frustrating

The roadblock you hit when vowels are unavailable is cumbersome. You have to wait until time runs out to start a new game. It would be better if there was a remedy perhaps the game should end automatically at that point? Too much trouble as it stands. At least it's free oh well.

Good game but problems

The game itself is fun. The major flaw is when you ger to a board with no Vowels. The game has no way of proceeding at this point. You have to quit and start over, there is no way to go to the next level. Also, the volume doesn't adjust! It's either on or off. On is pretty loud. I would buy the full version if this is corrected.

Great Game

I truly enjoyed this word game. I have played many and trying many word games lately, this one is a great addition to the library. This game is very challenging and fun. Trying to create words as the tiles disappear becomes fun and challenges you to think especially as you play the harder levels. This is a great and fun game to train your brain and work on your vocabulary. @miguelwvu

SUPER word game ;-)

(This is a copy of my review for the full app - however I started with this free one and then had to buy the real deal) Very professional and well-thought out game. The pacing is JUST right (and can be adjusted)... you have more than enough time to put together complex words and as you get near the bottom of the pile then it's time for some strategic thinking. Should you go for a big points word that will leave an extra tile or two? Or should you do two or three smaller words to finish it off completely and grab the bonus? A lot like WordPop! in this respect. Graphics and sounds are top notch and the achievements you win are great. I have 'em all (Wurdle, Lexic, Wordsworth, Smashword, etc) and this is easily up there with ANY of the top word games. Grab it as you won't be disappointed... a very satisfying word game ;-)


What's the point? Only one level?

Beautiful Interface and Nice Game!

As I stated in my full version review it is a very polished game that uses a 30 second timer that works well within the game and makes it fun instead of a hectic play. I'm not one for timed games (for the most part) so enjoying this one speaks volumes to me. This game is similar to WordJong in ways. Only gripe is I wish there was a popup window that states that the game is over when you've run out of word options. I think it's worth the purchase and no regrets.

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